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Your favorite store for arts & crafts at a great discount!

The Outlet is the only place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that carries all varieties of art and craft products at greatly reduced prices.

We receive hundreds of new items each week so you’re sure to find something different each time you come in. All of our items whether unique new samples, slightly damaged goods, or regular craft products are automatically 50–80% off retail prices. Take into account our weekly specials and you’re sure to walk away with great finds at great prices.

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While individual products are continually changing and each visit is guaranteed to be unique, our consistent categories are:

We’re excited to have you stop by and are confident you won’t walk out empty handed. Become a regular shopper by spending $150 using our V.I.C. (Very Important Customer) punch card and you’ll receive $15 off your next purchase.

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See what our customers have to say

This is a great store! I love all of the scrapbooking items they carry. You can’t beat their everyday prices, and their specials are fantastic. They are always willing to help, and very friendly! The best ever!

- Anita B.

This is a wonderful place! They have yarns that I can’t find anywhere else, at great prices! And the people that run it are some of the nicest people around.

- Dee T.

Shopping at The Outlet is like being on a treasure hunt; you never know what you’ll find but it will always be a bargain. I go to the Outlet every day they are open. I only shop other craft stores when I need specific items and need the item right away, otherwise I wait until it comes to the Outlet. The staff is the best; they are so friendly and helpful. They make everyone feel like family. I can’t wait until it opens again. Once you start shopping there you become addicted. Best addiction I ever had and I don’t want to kick this habit.

- Peggy M.

I have been stopping by since you opened. I guess I'm a “regular”. I love The Outlet, from Ott lights to sewing supplies, yarns, felting, books, you can just about find anything you need to do with crafts. I really do not need one more craft item but I cannot stay away. Keep up the good work and I will be right there when the doors open.

- Bonnie V.

I love this store. It is like searching for buried treasure; you never know what you might find. The variety of things available is wonderful. Since many items are returns you need to check over the product good before purchasing but the deals are worth the extra time. I just wish I could get in there on Thursday before many of the “best deals” offered each week are gone. Even my husband encourages me to go each week. Being someone who does many different crafts, I don’t think I’ve ever left without buying something. Have even gotten many things for my daughter’s upcoming wedding!

- Judy R.